Handmade | Animal Fiber | Plant Dyes | Fair Trade

We are proud to offer traditional, handwoven, Peruvian textiles sourced directly from the artisans in the Peruvian Andes at fair prices set by each artisan. Our current selection includes colorful woven cross-shoulder bags, scarves, shawls, belts and more. Each item is a unique creation that starts with handspun alpaca and sheep’s wool. The amazing vibrant colors are achieved using 100% natural plant and insect dyes. The textiles are then woven using a traditional backstrap loom.

Traditional Peruvian Textiles

Handmade From Animal Fiber

Hand spun alpaca and sheep's wool is handwoven with a traditional backstrap loom.

Peruvian Cross-shoulder Bags

Traditional Designs

Passed down from Inca ancestors, these designs are rich with cultural symbology.s

Alpaca Wool with Natural Plant Dyes

Natural Plant Dyes

Using the same process that has been used for at least hundreds of years, the textiles are dyed using plants and insects to achieve a vibrant tapestry of rich colors.